Building with mud workshops – in Chattisgarh

Bastiar-poster-2Location: Livelihood College, Adawal

Hot to get there: Take a train to Raipur and then a bus/ taxi to Adawal

Date: 5th to 9th January 2018

Content: Vaults and Domes, Natural plasters

We shall be building a brick dome with mud mortar, on a 3m x 3m room in 2 days. The vault will be built on 4 corner squinches.

  • Design and detailing of vaults and domes
  • Mud and lime based traditional mortars
  • Construction of a dome without guides or tools
  • Finishing a dome
  • Traditional lime based waterproofing of a dome

Lets work with local artisans and masons to exchange valuable skills of natural building. Local brickmakers and the PWD department comes together to organize this exciting workshop!

Only pay for your food and stay. Open to all, even children above age 14 can participate!


Ritesh Agarwal, IAS

0778 222 2428


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