Projectos Integradores 1


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Water, Food, Earth, Energy, Materials and Reuse, Community


Project A

A Pavillion for Tierra Urbania 2017.

Expo page link under development

Schematic Design

16 – Jan – Brainstorming of design breif + Creating database of information  of Materials + Presenting design ideas + Assigning roles and responsibilities.

Bring to the table in class the following individually

  1. A 10 min presentation about your assigned material/constructive system.  (4 marks)
  2. Be prepared for a class discussion on setting a design breif
  3. Bring certain ideas that you would like to explore through sketches, images, or built examples.
19 – Jan – Presenting designs and selecting collaborative approach

Bring to the table in class your individual design, well presented with sufficient details to communicate the following using sketches. You shall upload them as a pdf here. (2 Marks)

  • Design considerations (requirements you have considered)
  • Philosophy and Constructive system
  • Materials used and approximate cost of construction.

Design Development + Documentation

23 – Jan – Individual design presentations

For those who missed the previous class . Design ideas are summaried from the class are noted. Class to place your images from the internet here.  A pinterest page that can help you is here

Acessoria on 20/01/2017 – At Ceramics Lab, Nexto to Dici between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm

Bring to class a final presentation of your refined design on a 4-A3 size pages or one board of 60×90. Jury members Eduardo Obregon, Mauricio Cardenas with Varun Thautam. Requirements (6 Marks)

  1. Drawings to scale. Include full design of structure, seating and the shading strategy used – on A3 size hand drawn or Printed.
  2. Photos or Sketches to explain fabrication, unions and joints – Printed or drawn Paper. – on A3 size hand drawn or Printed
  3. Detailed list of materials and Cost of materials – Printed on Paper. – on A3 size Printed.
  4. A model to scale, sufficient to communicate design.
26- Jan – Participation in the facebook online forum
  1. A number of constructive systems are presented on the forum. You are to express your opinions (pros and cons) for each of the system, with your reasoning.
  2. You are to be clear and objective in your opinions. Refrain from expressing whims and personal choices without reason.
  3. You are allowed to add a new constructive system.
  4. The forum closes on 26th Jan 2017 at 10:00 am.
  5. We arrive to class to develop a collective design based on the prefered constructive system.
30 – Jan –  Costing, Resource finding, optimizing design

With your roles assigned, develop your assigned task to present to class.


2 – Feb – Gathering Materials and Construction & Prefab day 1
6 – Feb – Construction and Prefab day 2
9 – Feb – Construction and Prefab day 3
11 – Feb – Construction and Prefab day 4
13 – Feb – Construction and Prefab day 5
16 – Feb – Construction and Prefab day 6
18 – Feb – Assembly
22 – Feb – Assembly
25 – Feb  – Assembly

Conference and Documentation

2 – March – Cleaning and setup for conference & responsibilities for documentation
3,4,5 – March – Terra Urbania Foro
6 – March – Construction
9 – March – Construction

Project B – Model housing for CDI

13-March- Introduction of project
 16-March- No class, individual design reviews.
23-March- No class, individual design reviews.
27-March- Design development – Stage 1