Computer-Aided Drawing

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Grading and Marks


Template File

Autocad 2D

AutoCad Resources (shortcut commands, ebook .. etc)

Week 1 : CAD LEVEL 1 – Getting Started with AutoCAD

Week 2: CAD LEVEL 2 – Intermediate AutoCAD

Week 3: CAD LEVEL 3 – Advanced Topics with AutoCAD

Week 4: CAD Practicals – Making presentation floor plans of a building

Week 4: CAD Practicals – For engineers

Week 5 : First Partial exam 1

Week 5 : First Partial exam 2

Week 5: First Partial exam 3

Week 5: First Partial exam 4


Autocad 3D

Week 7: Basic 3D modelling with Autocad

Week 8: Advanced 3D modelling

Week 9: Advanced modelling exercises

Week 9: Second Partial Exam Autocad 3D

Revit Architecture

Week 10: Intro to Revit Architecture and Modeling Basics 

Week 12: More Elements on Revit

Week 14: Visibility and Graphic Controls, Views, Schedules, Project Documentation, Annotation and Details 

Week 15: Rendering, modelling practical projects, making a drawing set 

Final Exam Practice (objective type) (NEW!!!)

Week 16: Final exam 

(see preparation, syllabus, exam format here!)

Partial Exam Practice

Revit Partial Exam

Exam 1 (Coming up)

Exam 2 (Coming up)

Exam 3

Google Sketchup for Architects 

Sketchup Shortcuts file


House file to download (example)

Week 10: Introduction to sketchup

Week 11: Introduction to modelling

Week 12: Modelling a Building

Week 13: Modelling Casa Daniel

Week 13: Sketchup Plugins

Week 14: Advanced Modelling (10 marks)

Week 14: Rendering in sketchup

Exam 1

Final Exam