Why Handmade Architecture?

People are spending more than they can afford, to build with expensive industrial building materials and modern methods, that offer efficient but short term solutions. It is evident that under strong globalization trends, regional identities are slowly disappearing.

There is a decreasing understanding of the land, local materials, methods of construction.  Artisanal trades have little work as they are being wiped out by industrial methods. As their inherited knowledge and skill is being undervalued, the generational wisdom is slowly lost with time.

The philosophy of handmade Architecture?

We have been evolving a way of building where the sharing of knowledge is an integral part of the process. We understand that the process is more important than the product. Masters of the traditional trades are to be empowered as teachers. People interested in deep learning are to be empowered to work and learn with the masters. Handmade architecture is a way of building where people come together to learn and build. It is very much the ancient way of the building where traditional knowledge is passed on from father to child, master to apprentice. With Handmade Architecture, sharing of knowledge and actual building go hand in hand.

Every project with us is a unique opportunity for the exchange of knowledge. In a project, local and international masters are invited to teach and share their knowledge while building with invited apprentices. The apprentices, in the process, build lasting relationships with masters and other apprentices. These lasting relationships and connections result in more projects together and deeper learning.

Who are we?

We are a growing network of architects, masters of trades and apprentices who believe in the philosophy of handmade architecture and like working together on live projects.

Masters have a dedicated experience of several years in their trade and are interested in developing a continuous process of teaching and sharing their knowledge. Masters believe in the development of an apprentice. We believe in the open sharing of experiences, information through apprenticeships, workshops and volunteering activities.

Apprentices are keen on developing their skills with a prolonged connection with the masters.